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The Procrastinator
Solo project

An experimental animation that includes stop motion, pixelation and hand drawn animation. An interaction between the procrastinating artist and his disappointed artwork. Got an official selection for the 10th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival 2021 and Festival International du court-metrage Breves d'Images.

#handdrawn#pixelation#stopmotion#rotoscopy #aftereffects

Solo project

Short animated film made during pre-thesis about an arrogant man who refuses to let go. Mix media involving handmade set and characters with digitally hand drawn protagonists. Offcially screened at the UID Chitrakatha 2022.

#handdrawn #set #mixmedia #digital #premierepro

tv ki tamanna
Group project

Short animated film made as a 4 day group project(Reechik Banerjee, Neha Shetty, Pranay Kumar, V Shravani, Gouri Nandana and Ivan Mitra). Experience the wrath of a television set as it comes to life in order to get back at his indecisive master.

#stopmotion #handmadecharactersandsets #premierepro

Bhaskar uncle
solo project

Short animation of a man who's intentions seem gnarly but who are we to judge an animated character, don't judge a book by its cover.

#handdrawn #aftereffects #photoshop #premierepro

solo project

Second animation made during pre-thesis in college. Animated short that revolves around the arrogant Debu who comes across an incident that shifts his perspective on the kind of person he is likely to become because of the choices he keeps making for himself.


Does it matter
solo project

Short animation of a world filled with creatures who are used to looking a certain way. They're little world is flipped around when they are visited by a stranger who looks different. Are they threatened? Do they want the stranger to change their physical look? And does it really matter?

#handdrawn #photoshop #aftereffects

Zomato advert
solo project under director

This short advert was made for a competition, collaboration with Melting Clock Studios. The video is directed by Vasudha Rungta and executed by Reechik Banerjee.

#handdrawn #aftereffects #photoshop 

solo project

Experimental animation for audio recorded during a trip to Shantiniketan. Mixed media 2d animation with colour pencils, water colours and markers. 

#handdrawn #mixmedia #traditional #aftereffects

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